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I’m not your typical copywriter. I open markets for you.

With FIARR I’m changing the way B2B SaaS companies sell into their European markets.


When you start actively selling a disruptive product in new territories, there’s usually little to no brand awareness of your company or SaaS. 


I realized early in my sales roles at startups, that to be successful, I needed to go the extra mile to get meetings with promising prospects and not just give away free demos. I had to run my own content strategy whilst meeting internal KPIs and revenue goals at the same time. Sometimes it was tough but with consistency and a bit of patience from management, we got there. Nevertheless, I wished someone had done the groundwork before I started so that I could have focused on quality leads and moving them through the sales cycle - and not so much on how to make my stats look good for the next QBR 😉. This would have accelerated the building of a sustainable pipeline by 6 to 12 months (depending on the segment) and saved the companies about 200k in upfront cost.

Eventually, I got a bit tired of the sales spiel and the pressure that comes with the time to target expectations for sales executives. It stopped making sense when sales quotas became merely predefined multiples of your salary rather than realistic goals. 


The playbooks didn’t seem to evolve much and I decided that there’s a better way to do this! A cost-effective, more sustainable and strategic start to the market that I can offer as a service.

The service and consultation are based on the successful content method I implemented to build EMEA markets from scratch in companies like Zendesk, Duo Security, and others.

It’s the result of my sales career in tech, a firm belief in a strong content strategy before cold outbound, a passion for writing, and a journey of constant learning in the SaaS world. 


I adopt the same customer-centric, agile, and partnership approach that has proven successful so many times for my customers and myself.

Image by Cedric Letsch

My home town, Luxembourg

A bit of backstory always helps

11 years ago I landed in tech sales by accident. I studied political science, was more interested in social and behavioral topics than SaaS. But it grew on me, I gotta say 🙂.


Growing up in Luxembourg, going to international school, studying in Germany and France, living in London and working for global companies provided me with a multilingual background. The SaaS world was ideal for me, as I was able to work in a dynamic environment and utilize all my languages daily. 


I’ve joined a few startups over the years. Some became leaders in their space, others, not so much. Instead, they remained in their niche or took a different route. What they all had in common was the initial success on their home markets and then, usually, after more funding, looked to expand to EMEA.

I’ve been part of two successful exits of B2B SaaS companies. Zendesk IPOed and Duo Security were acquired by Cisco. I was the first go-to-market employee for several new countries and languages - although we did it from the EMEA HQs in London.


Since 2009 the journey in early-stage and hypergrowth startups took me from junior business development representative to account management, through SMB new business, partner sales, and mid-market to enterprise sales. I even have a few of those quarterly MVP trophies in a box somewhere. 🏆


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