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Consultancy vs. best-of-breed solution expertise

Only 35% of companies have the leadership competence to tackle current digitalization challenges. Why do they rely on traditional consultancy rather than best-of-breed solution expertise?

The answer is trust!

Leaders of 1300 companies have been asked about their readiness and competence for tackling current digitalization challenges (poll conducted by Capgemini and George Westerman at MIT). Only 35% are confident that they have what it takes to be successful - down from 45% in 2012. This is a scary low figure.

I’m not that surprised really. In 12 years of SaaS sales, I’ve seen how most mid-market to enterprise companies approach real transformation projects. They task a traditional consultancy as the trusted middle man. If you’re really unlucky as a SaaS vendor, they spend months writing up a tender document for a problem that you could solve rapidly. In the end, the approach has nothing to do anymore with the best of breed approach you set in the foundation of your solution.

Good luck with getting on the shortlist!

This scenario is even more prominent at companies in EMEA and especially Germany and France. The “traditional” process is meticulous but long and expensive, and the result is often outdated when it comes to fruition. Innovation and agility that the companies try to achieve are cancelled by the employed evaluation and selection process.

Both parties, companies looking to innovate and SaaS providers, benefit from an early interaction to align problems and solution approach. First, the vendor has to be on the radar, of course. To be in the mix when companies start their evaluation process it’s not enough to just be found on page three of the respective country Google results. Immediate trust in the legitimacy and professionalism of the solution provider is key. You need to show commitment to be a partner and to solve real problems for local companies.

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