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Real conversations trump any sales pitch

Now that we’re all lacking real human interaction, how’s your prospecting going?

I bet you’re looking forward to another cold call as much as your customer is dying to hear your sales pitch. Everyone seems to miss genuine interaction with people the most. Mainly a good old chat and rant with colleagues over a coffee or drink (if needed). This is true for buyers and sellers. People want real conversations, not merely well (or not so well) prepared Zoom meetings.

Be a conversation starter rather than a cold caller or DM machine.

Let’s face it. On the sales side, what can now be more frustrating than a dead end outbound cadence, another tyre kicker demo or being ghosted by that “promising” lead from last week? On the buyer side, receiving cold calls and DMs can really ruin the day.

Start generating conversations rather than leads.

Sure, the meeting stats go up for every free demo you offer and it also kills time while working from home. But revenue? Not so much!

Your prospects are still looking for solutions to real business problems. They weren't, however, waiting to hear from you about a problem thus far unknown to them.

What does that mean for sales?

Word has had it for a while that sales has shifted towards marketing. Most of the decision making process happens before there’s an active sales interaction. It has also been said that people don’t want to be sold to. That’s true. Unless you’re really offering a solution to a problem they are looking to solve.

It can be frustrating on both ends. But it doesn’t have to be painful for the sales rep nor the customer.

Sales is a numbers game. That won’t change. We still need to reach out to X-times the number of prospects required to hit targets. But imagine your sales team actually enjoys outbound KPI reviews and the weekly sales blitz. Because they build genuine rapport and identify real needs. At the same time they add value to their network and the people they reach out to. Even if they only uncover a project further down the line. That is a valuable conversation and a connection to nurture.

If you build trust, you will uncover the needs of your target audience and live up to your own expectations for delivering value.

Sales still has a bad rap, even after decades of solution and value selling. Recent polls show that trust in sales people isn’t peaking anytime soon. Buyers are looking for problem solvers first. To really be useful to them, however, you need information and the customer to open up to you.

Win trust through real conversations and real language. Not by delivering a master elevator pitch and a slur of buzzwords.

WARNING: Sales Pitch 😉

At Fiarr we help B2B SaaS vendors boost their Go-to-market strategy in Europe/EMEA. Within 4 weeks we implement your turnkey, rolling, localized and multilingual content strategy. Our content methodology allows us to create and deliver weekly, solution and brand specific content and conversation starters. This will build your topical authority in new markets and position your sales team as problem solvers in your field.

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