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Offering MQLs in exchange for Case Study

Turn the dynamics between your Go-to-Market teams into quality leads and thought leadership for your sales team.

What are the three points that never drop from the agenda for your weekly Marketing and Sales meeting? Let me guess: leads, case studies and event follow-ups. Events, as we know them, are off for a while. So let’s focus on the last two.

How important, would you say, are leads and references to your commercial success - especially in new and emerging sales territories?

Simple argument:

No leads = No deals

No deals = No customers

No customers = No references (i.e. case studies)

Result: Go Back to Start, Do Not Pass Go!

The key to success for your brand and for the sales team is the exposure to your target personas, decision makers and economic buyers. The solution is a regular, consistent and value-added content strategy.

Separating the responsibilities for success between teams and focusing on siloed efforts is a losing strategy (and perfect ground for a nice round of blame game). Naturally the sales reps prefer to focus on key deals and not on getting a piece of marketing collateral from their last quarter win. At least as long as the right leads keep coming in. Once the quality leads start to dry up a bit and deals seem to get stuck in the sales cycle, I’m dead sure someone will call meetings to find a solution.

A general question to the room would be, how marketing can support the sales team further. Marketing, however, consistently hits all KPIs for every quarter. Does that mean mission accomplished? Often a question in return is, which customer could be interviewed for a nice case study and campaign? The outcomes of the meetings are usually slim. A few notes and assigned action points for the participants. Not much will happen though - until the next meeting. Starting these interactions once either team wants the other to do something and take action, is rarely constructive.

Kill two birds with one stone by introducing a consistent, solution specific and collaborative content strategy. Generate quality inbound leads and hit your outbound activity goals. Leverage your resources by combining your local marketing and sales power for more brand and solution exposure. Make the interdependence of the efforts a competitive advantage. Your sales team will build their profile as thought leaders and have higher quality meetings. Stop giving away free demos for lukewarm leads. The most exciting prospect is the one that has a real need for your solution. By being top of their mind once they are looking for a solution - because they actually remember you - you’re practically on the shortlist.

At Fiarr we build your rolling content strategy for EMEA within four weeks and deliver your weekly content to your inbox. All your team members have to do: post, publish and follow-up on conversations to drive leads and meetings.

We’ll show you how. Get in touch.

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